There’s a knock on the door

And Love walks through

And lights a fire

It has been a while

For Love is lost

Love is a mystery

It knows no bounds

Nor any history

It creeps in like a fly

And sets havoc high

It destroys your world

And everything you have lived by

Yet it blooms like a flower

Slowly devours

All your hopes and dreams

Run like a stream

And you are left stranded

So unexpected

Oblivious to the truth

So deaf and so mute

An uninvited guest

Puts your morals to rest

Set your fears aside

Be ready and you will find

Shaken to your core

Craving more

Leaves you breathless

This knock on the door


I once knew everything…

I once knew everything…
When the world was a simpler place
And I knew every face
When I took my careless steps
And didn’t really need a map
When my streets were safe
And everyone could relate
When people didn’t judge
Or held any grudge
When saying hello was expected
And everyone respected
When I was known by my name
And not just by my faith
When people lived for others
Not just for their own sake
Everything has changed
My life rearranged
Things I once knew
Reduced to only a few
Sad as it may be
It’s the only reality
What I once knew as simple
Has become a formality

Not ready

Not ready for life
And not ready for death
Just maybe to survive
And maybe to forget
Some memories so small
And some so huge
Just maybe for a fall
And maybe to lose
A thought to live by
And yet so many fears
Just maybe to fly
And hold someone near
Not ready for love
And not ready to betray
Just maybe to dance
A lifetime away….


As I settle down to sleep
Slowly thoughts begin to creep
Thoughts of the things past
Thoughts that make me weep
I hope this isn’t another night
Tossing until it’s bright
I hope I don’t loose my sight
From crying yet another night
As I settle down in bed
Hope to just get some rest
Try but I must not cry
I just pray to God instead
Been so long since I’ve slept
Feels as tho all I’ve done is wept
A haunting past I must forget
Precious Tears I must not shed
As I try and close my eyes
I think of all the endless lies
Told and whispered and cried
Among the memories they shall hide
Seems so hard to shut the world
Or turn down the voices in my head
So much I have kept inside
So little chance I have given life
As I lay here wide awake
Happiness is worth the wait
Live I must for others’ sake
Sleep too shall come in my grave…